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» SSP Pack 95 Leadership

Cubmaster - Tony Lamotte

Assistant Cubmaster - Will McEvoy

Treasurer - Alicia Richter

Parent/Committee Chair - Joseph "Chip" Jansen, Jr  

» Upcoming events
9/26 1st Pack Meeting of the Year
10/3 Pack Meeting
10/7 On The Road Again - Volunteers Needed to staff table
10/10 No Den Meetings - Only Roundtable & Parent Committee Meeting -
10/13 Kaposia District - Fall Camporee 2017
10/14 Optional Family Cub Fall Day Camp
10/17 Optional Den Meetings - Please check with your Den Leader
10/24 Den Meetings - Wreath orders/money due & hand out Scouting For Food Info
more upcoming events
» Den & Calendar color key

UPDATED for 2017/2018! 

  • Tiger Cubs  = Den 3
  • Wolves   = Den 1
  • Bears      = Den 2
  • Webelo I   = Den 5
  • Webelo II  = Den 6
  • Lions (K) = New Lion Cubs Den 4
  • Leader/Parent/Partner
» Scout Shop Information
St. Paul Scout Shop
    393 Marshall Ave. 
(Marshall & Western - see Map)
St. Paul, MN 55102 

      Hours: M-F: 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
      Sat: 9:30 a.m. -5:30 p.m.
Online Scout store:

» To help other people at all times...

Fall 2017 -  Pack 95 has always provided service opportunities to its scouts and families.  It is part of the Scout Oath, "To help other people at all times..." and the Scout service slogan "Do a good turn daily..."

We take pride in our community and there is so much we can give back.  The Pack 95 Parent Committee would like our cub scouts to participate in at last 2 of the 4 organized service projects or let us know how you've helped your neighbors / community.

  • Nov 4 & 11:  Scouting for Food - Supports Neighbors Inc
  • Jan 15: "Feed my starving children" food packing event
  • Feb 3: Ft. Snelling National Cemetery - Wreath clean up
  • May: River and Park Beautification - Help Clean up Lorraine park



Welcome to Pack 95,
South Saint Paul, Minnesota!

Pack 95 serves Lincoln Center of South St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Through our active boys, parents, and leaders we maintain a fun, safe environment that teaches our young men the skills and values they need to become outstanding citizens in our community and nation.

Pack 95 meets at 6:30 PM the first Tuesday of the month.  Check the calendar for location.  The Dens also meet up to two times a month at locations chosen by the Den and their families.

This web site has all the information you need to keep up-to-date on Pack 95 happenings.  See below for upcoming Pack events and important reminders.  Click on the links above for a full calendar, pictures, useful links or contact information.  Please check back often for updates and new content.



Pack 95 News:



Pack Membership Fee

November -  We will be collecting "dues" from scouts at meetings this month.  This applies only to scouts of 1 year or more.  Important: New Scouts who signed up or transferred this fall are already paid through 2017.  

Pack dues are $24 per year + $12 for Boys Life. This amount covers the exact cost of the BSA annual membership for each scout. This is the best value in extracurricular activities around! The additional costs of service projects, advancements, supplies, camping trips, etc. is covered by wreath sales & donations.  By collecting the registration dues, we hope to send more scouts to camp this summer.  We strive to operate the Pack using only dues and the excess profit from wreath sales, so please sell participate in these activities!

No scout is ever refused membership based on ability to pay.

Youth Protection

Fall 2017 - The Boy Scouts of America have developed one of the nations most respected Youth Protection training policies and curriculum and they require that all registered volunteers take the Youth Protection Course.  

Youth protection can be best achieved through the shared involvement of everyone in Scouting. It’s imperative that parents and volunteers know Scouting’s Youth Protection policies, which include our barriers to abuse: the classic two-deep leadership and no one-on-one contact policies, as well as our mandatory reporting of child abuse and our social media guidelines.

Who should participate in Youth Protection training?  Everyone. All registered Scout leaders, any Scout parent who attends trips or campouts, merit badge counselors, and anyone with a connection to youth. If you’re a past member, current member, parent, or volunteer, you should be Youth Protection trained.

See this informative article in Scouting Magazine.

Training is available on-line or in person.  Please see our training tab to get started today.   Thank you! 


Cyber Chip

Do-At-Home Project - Each fall, as part of our commitment to youth production, scouts are encouraged to complete the Cyber Chip program.   Developed by the Boy Scouts of America with NetSmartz, a program of the National Center for Mission & Exploited Children, this quick program is a start to safe internet and mobile device use.  You can further explore their site for more information and safety tips.

Click here, or the Cyber Chip tab above to learn about the program and then follow the link to the age appropriate site.

We will have the Cyber Chip cards and pledge at the next pack meeting.

Be Safe, Scouts!


Attention Den Leaders

August - Have you seen the Updated "Leaders" tab at the top for den meeting and go-see-it ideas? All new den meeting plans for the new Cub Scout program.  Also note the "Training" Tab with information on required and optional training courses for leaders and both of those sections have the BSA's Cub Scout pod-cast. 


  • Fall 2017 - Uniforms are available at the Scout Shop in St. Paul (See info on the upper left).  In the Spring the Pack provides scouts with new Neckerchiefs and rank patches like Tiger, Wolf, Bear, etc.  The family provides the other basic insignia and extra curricular Belt Loops and Pins earned.  

There is a lot of Scout hardware available.  Much of it is optional.  This is what is needed:

  • Blue Cub Scout Shirt (Jeans are fine, uniform pants are not required.  About $24)
  • Blue Web Belt - For New Belt Loops
  • Northern Star Council Shoulder Patch
  • "95" numerals for our Pack
  • Den number (see chart below)
  • Purple international scouting emblem
  • Neckerchief for the rank (tiger/wolf, etc)
  • Handbook (tiger, wolf, bear etc. About $10)
  • Lion Cubs (Kindergarten) do not need a uniform.   They will receive an iron on patch and booklet at first meeting

Here is a guide to insignia placement:  http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066_Section2.pdf

Northern Star Council also has a Uniform Exchange program.  This is where Scouts and new Scout Leaders can get experienced (gently used) Scout uniforms for a nominal cost. It’s also a great way to pass on your uniforms (donations) to Scouts that are in need of a Scout uniform. All Scout shirts, pants, shorts, neckerchief, socks, patches, and more are welcome.

The exchange takes place every 2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month, from 7:00 - 8:30 PM, at Mayflower Congregational Church (106 East Diamond Lake Road Minneapolis, MN).

Please contact the Uniform Exchange Coordinator, Marie Rice with questions.

Den / Grade Chart

  • Tiger Cubs  = Den 1
  • Wolves   = Den 2
  • Bears      = Den 5
  • Webelo I   = Den 6
  • Webelo II  = Den 4 / Phoenix Patrol
  • Lions (K) = Lion Cubs - Families decide on a t-shirt color


Making the most of
your family's scouting experience
Courtesy of Northern Star Council's "Navigator"

Whether this is your first experience or you've had a child involved for several years, there are many things you can do to take advantage of the opportunities available. As parents, you have varying roles to play depending upon the program and age of participant.

Direct involvement is highest in Cub Scouting, and decreases as members grow in their responsibility for program leadership and implementation through Webelos, Boy Scouting, Venturing and Exploring.

However, at all levels there are two keys ways you can help:
  1. Show an interest in your son's/daughter's Scouting accomplishments and achievements
  2. Take on tasks in support of the unit's leadership such as phone calls, event planning, driving to activities, or serving in a more formal leadership role as an assistant or primary unit leader.  

Kids do grow up so fast.  The time families spend together in scouting is cherished and talked about at gatherings long after participants have moved on to other stages of their lives. Make scouting part of you own family tradition.


Welcome New Tiger & Lion Cubs

The Wolves, Bears & Webelo's, and all the Adult partners and Volunteer Leaders of Pack 95 would like to welcome the new Tiger & Lion Cubs and their families.   We hope you enjoy scouting as much as we do.
Our next pack meeting is Tuesday 9/26 at 6:30 pm in the Lincoln Center cafeteria.  (Its okay to come after football)  We will form new "Dens" of cubs and have a New Parent Meeting. You do not need to have the uniform by this meeting.  We understand that everyone is busy!
If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know.  This is your pack now too, please feel free to join us at Parent Committee meetings.  See the calendar for details.
If you missed our 9/19 Join Scouting event. and can't make this meeting not to worry, new members are always welcome! Please join us at Lincoln Center for the next meeting or our pack meeting on 10/06.

Cub Fall Fun Day
at Carpenter's Nature Center

Sunday, October 29th  This 2 hour event starts at 1:00 with an opening ceremony and visit from a CNC naturalist.  There will be special guest raptors and critters from the nature center, a photo-scavenger hunt.  After the closing ceremony there will be fresh fall apples.

The best part is, this event is only $2 and is open to All Pack 95 Cub Scouts and their Families.  It fulfills requirements for lions, Tigers and wolves.  Bring your camera.  Apples from the carpenters orchard will be available at the apple shack.

 Directions:  www.carpenternaturecenter.org


A message to Pack 95 Parents

Pack 95's volunteer leadership would like to reiterate our commitment to youth safety as we start the new scouting year.  We will continue to, as we have in the past, follow the requirements set forth by the BSA absolutely.   They include mandatory two deep leadership, and mandatory "Youth Protection" training for any adult leader with direct contact with youth.

If you have not already done so, please review the Youth Safety Bobcat requirement section that make up the very first pages of the Tiger Cub handbook.   Similar information is available on the BSA youth protection website.  Including the booklet: How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse:A Parent’s Guide


Polar Cubs Camp

POLAR CUBS CAMP is Coming!   Saturday, Jan 20th.
The Weather will soon be POLAR CUB appropriate and sign up is open.  If you have not expressed interest yet, please contact Chip or Tony immediately. 
What is it? A one day experience filled with plenty of fun, adventure, activity and advancement opportunities.  Hot lunch will be provided in the camp dining hall for everyone. Your day will include activities such as snow tubing (fingers crossed!), winter nature, games, snow sports and learning how to keep warm and dry in the winter season.    It is an all weather camp, there are no snow alternate activities. 

Each Cub Scout and adult must have proper winter outdoor clothing including: snow suits/pants, boots, hats and 2 pair of mittens, water bottle, bag or back pack, and health form with signed parent authorization to participate and to receive medical care. Adults MUST complete the form for themselves too!   A complete list of what to bring will be mailed out following your registration.
We do not have an official vehicle going to the camp. We recommend carpooling to the camp with other families in your den/pack.   

Decisions for official camp closing will be made by the council's Camping Director. When camps are officially closed, fees will either be transferred to another weekend within the Polar Cubs season. More often than not, they will not close the camps. To check weather conditions for the weekend reference Cannon Falls. A voice mail message will be left at 651.254.9134 each Friday with a weather update.

 For more information   (Do not register on this link.  Sign up with the Pack)


A 2012 Journey to Excellence - Gold
Award Winning Cub Scout Pack


Welcome New Scouts

Fall 2017 - Thank you for taking a moment to explore our Pack website. Check out the calendar and other tabs. Feel free to send questions to the parent committee.

Pack 95 on Facebook

Fall 2017 - Pack 95 has joined Facebook as a way of communicating news, events and information to pack families.  The overall goal is to work with our website and reach more of the pack. Feel free to join, comment, and post.  We must follow BSA youth protection rules so no posting personal info or tagging last names of scouts in pics. It is a open group for viewing, but you must request membership to post in the group and receive updates.



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